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The Minutemen

             During the time of the American Revolution, it comes to no surprise that those that hoped for war would not be the first to step onto the battlefield. The fact that the colonists were not eager to start a war hardly makes them reluctant. For the people of Concord, there were too many other factors in their lives that took precedence over the trials and tribulations that America was having with England. Most members of Concord's population were concerned with the town's religion, taxes, local government and other matters that were centralized around their town. Historians often see the people of Concord as being "reluctant revolutionaries" since most citizens showed little concern. Their lack of concern can be accounted for by noticing Concord's distance from other cities, its lack of conflict with Britain, and its undying focus on local matters. Regardless of these skeptics, when the moment of truth came, the people of Concord fought for the colonies.
             For years it seemed as if Concord was not at all concerned with the acts and taxes that England imposed on the colonies. As most taxes and laws came and went, Concord stayed quite stable. The people rarely gave much thought to the matters. They relied on their elected representatives to act on his best judgment for their behalf. This system seemed to work for the betterment of the town of Concord, in that it allowed the people to focus on finely tuning their own government. Although Concord's government was centered around having the richer, high-end citizens as their representatives, they were not against democracy. Elections were held every year, and most adult males qualified to vote. Much like representatives of today, they are elected to do what they thought was best. The citizens of Concord did not constantly look over the shoulders of their representatives. When everyone did feel strongly about a subject, such as the Stamp Act, the town "departed from custom and directed its representative's vote.

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