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literary analysis of seize the day

            Literary analysis of "Seize the Day" by Saul Bellow.
             The novel "Seize the Day" by Saul Bellow is the tail of one mans journey of transformation over one day. The novel is describing a conversion. Similar to that of a religious conversion, even though it wasn't one of finding God, yet religion is focused so much on state of mind that if could almost be called a religious conversion, do to the drastic change he underwent doing this one day, this one small moment in time.
             To understand how it was similar to a religious conversion you must understand the process of religious conversion. When some when undergoes one of these transformations they go thru clear distinct steps of sequence of actions. First, one is usually lead away by someone or some group of people that appears to be appealing or is doing precisely what you think you want. At this same time there is someone there who you know you should listen to and take their words to heart and yet the person doesn't and falls away from that person. After this the person has a fall. This isn't some ordinary fall or trip, but a chain of events which the person believes that he cannot and never will be able to recover from. And it is after this fall or plunge when it happens. It is usually quick, obvious, and overwhelming. The person then comes to a realization that God is out their and that he will help them out and always be there to protect and uplift them from any, problems, dilemma, or tribulations that one might face in their life time. His mental state is now utterly changed or altered and his complete persona is now different from how it was prior to this experience. .
             Even though Tommy Wilhelm, who is the protagonist of this novel, didn't have a Christian conversion and a sudden believe in God, he still went though these very steps to finally raise above all the problems facing him and have for once peace in his live. Tommy Wilhelm was a young, charismatic, good looking man and had an apparent successful future.

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