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Careers that use physical science

             Physical science and biological science are two very different things. Physical science deals with non-living things and biological science deals with living things. Physical science includes chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. I"m going to talk about how an astronomer uses astronomy, a pharmacist uses chemistry, and how a pilot uses meteorology.
             Astronomers study objects in the universe, such as planets, moons, comets, stars, and galaxies, which is basically saying that they"re using astronomy. Astronomers use astronomy in their job a lot. They look through many kinds of ground-based telescopes, launch space probes that visit other planets, and send up satellites to study the universe from high above the Earth's surface. Astronomers produce radar maps of moons and planets by bouncing radio waves off the planet's surface. An astronomer's main tool is an optical telescope, which focuses light from a distant star using a large curved mirror instead of a lens.
             Chemistry is used by a pharmacist in many ways such as knowing the reaction your body would have if two drugs were mixed together. A pharmacist's main responsibility is to distribute medications according to what physicians, dentists, and veterinarians prescribe. Pharmacists need to check prescriptions for the accurate dosage because too much of one drug can be harmful and not enough won't help. Some pharmacists actually make the medicines and to do this they need to know which drugs they can mix together.
             A pilot uses many of the physical sciences, but the most important one he uses is meteorology. A pilot's primary consideration is air safety, and to accomplish this the pilot needs to be able to understand the weather forcast and how hard the wind will be blowing. Pilots need to be able to read "significant weather charts." When an aircraft encounters strong winds and temperatures it can lead to significant variations in the fuel needed.

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