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Structuring Safe Schools For A New Tomorrow

            For children to learn and teachers to teach, schools must be safe places. During the past decade, images of schools as safe havens have been replaced by metal detectors, drive-by shootings, gang warfare, and a generation of school children living in fear. Schools were not designed to be killing fields or frightening places, yet children and parents across the country reasonably hold the grim view that school violence is spiraling from a bad state to an even worse one. To reverse this trend, many teachers, administrators, students, and even their families are struggling to rebuild schools into safer places. Their efforts, if done effectively, offer lessons for all to learn from and convey the hopeful message that violence can be confronted and prevented. So the question still resides. Are schools doing an efficient job of recognizing their campus security problems, and then actively participating correctly to provide and ensure further safety for and toward their students? Are school's new found techniques for cracking down on violence proving to be effective? In this essay, I will attempt to address certain recent school policies that have been introduced upon campuses for the sole purpose of safety, and then present my own views on the topic at hand. This paper is mainly directed at junior high or high school levels, in regards to their campus security. .
             There is no denying the fact that there has been a giant rise in campus violence from the youths of today. The statistics are as severe as they are unmistakable in their tragic consequences.
             - More than 135,000 guns are estimated to be brought to U.S. schools each day.
             - About ten percent of school children ages ten to 19 admit that they have fired a at someone or have been fired upon.
             - About twenty percent of all high school students regularly carry a gun, knife, or .
             club to school.
             - About three million crimes occur on or near school each year, and half of all violent.

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