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Capital Punishment

            Is Capital Punishment really cruel and unjust? Should Capital Punishment be the consequence for certain heinous crimes? This question often leads to a great debate. Public opinion on the merits of Capital Punishment is as controversial as the crimes that bring about such arguments. Ask a family member of someone that has had a loved one tragically taken from them by another individual's monstrous crime. Is the old mentality of an "eye for an eye" or a "tooth for a tooth" really that dated? Understanding the consequences prior to committing the crime, would if nothing else, act as deterrent. The answer to this complicated question is simple, we must make every effort to control the situation, and this is why we need to reinstate Capital Punishment!.
             In Canada, the maximum punishment one can receive for committing a crime is 25 years, less time granted for good behavior. Does this seem like fair and just punishment for committing a heinous crime such as premeditated murder? Somehow the punishment just does not fit the crime. In most cases, the individual that was brutally murdered probably would have lived at least as long as their perpetrator's 25 year prison term. Doesn't this sound like a better deal for the criminal? Even after their release from prison, statistics indicate that rehabilitation of such twisted individuals rarely happens. Society shouldn't have to deal with the people that commit such crimes as rape and murder. The best and only solution is simply to let Capital Punishment handle them.
             Then there are the millions of dollars it costs tax payers every year to house, feed, educate and entertain these outstanding citizens. Now, ask yourself this question, is it really worth all that money to keep these savage criminals locked up? Incarcerated prisoners are provided with such luxuries as, movies, satellite television, fitness equipment, and hey, even an outing every now and then to make their stay a bit more comfortable.

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