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Everyone has Sympathy for Emily

             In "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner, the narrator shows us the life of a woman who has gone through so many hardships and how she tries to live her life ignoring all of her problems. The story is about a woman, Emily Grierson, who is trapped in her traditional ways while the outside world is changing all around her. Even after her father's death, she refuses to allow him to be buried and puts up a fight before surrendering his body to the town. It is evident that she has a hard time letting go of things and this is the main reason why she ends up murdering her love, Homer Barron. She senses that he is going to leave her and she does not want to be alone like she used to be after her father's death.
             The story is not about a woman who selfishly kills her love, but about the real life story of a woman who has lived a dreadful life and why she has come to the decision to commit murder. The literary elements used by Faulkner help us get a better understanding of this story and provide a unique ending. He uses the literary elements setting, plot, symbolism, and the most important of all, point of view, effectively to help us not to look at Emily as a killer, but someone who we can feel sorrow for. .
             The setting of the story is extremely important. One of the major conflicts of the story is how Emily is too traditional and does not want to change. The story takes place in the South during the rebuilding period. Everything seems to be changing around Emily but she is oblivious to it. We first get a glimpse of this in the beginning when the mayor at the time, Colonel Saratoris, remitted her of her taxes. Since she has trapped herself in her home, she has not noticed that things have changed in her town. A new mayor comes in charge and mails her a tax notice that she refuses to pay. She tells them to see Colonel Saratoris, who has been dead for ten years. From this we can see that there is something wrong with her and she has not been able to move on after her father's death.

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