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Why people don't go to vote

            Can we conclude about people who don't vote that they are not patriots or they don't care about what happens to their country? .
             I don't think so. In my opinion everybody follows political situation in his native country. From every election the citizens await some changes, which would be positive or extremely negative. That's why people can have some explainable reasons of their activity or passivity. By examining what the reasons could be I can prove that any person, who loves his country and cares about its future, may decide not to vote.
             Some people consider that their votes don't influence the results of election. Those people think that the results of the election are known before the whole process. They have feelings that the government or the party will fabricate the result. In spite of this fact these people often discuss the political situation in their country with their friends. Most of such people were born and grew up with totalitarian or authoritarian regimes (such as Soviet Union). I read an article in the Ukrainian newspaper. One journalist made an opinion poll. He asked people why they didn't vote. Some people said that they just don't want to vote because they don't believe the government. They have feelings that it has been fabricated by the government but nobody wants to admit. Also they said that results depended on the government desire. Some people can't make a choice between the candidates, because all of them have too similar programs. However they read political newspapers, watch political programs and discuss the political situation in their country with friends and relatives. They don't vote because they don't want that someone would make them fool. This example illustrates that some people don't vote because they believe that the results of election has known before the beginning.
             Secondly some people don't have time to go voting. Those people also care about what happened to their country.

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