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Blooms taxomony letter

             It is the night before my school starts, and I can't get to sleep, well this happens every year. Mainly, because I am nervous about school and meeting my new teachers. Since I am nervous I won't be able to focus in school, also I will be tired tomorrow, so then I won't get the proper instructions in my home room class, because I will probably fall asleep. Then when I wake up, a plethora of seniors will be looking at me and laughing, since it will be second period. Then my teacher would get mad at me for interrupting her class, and will be mad at me the rest of the year, so that's a guaranteed "F", I will then get called into the office for skipping first period, get suspended, get home then get grounded.
             All of that because the summer is over, you see school isn't fun like summer break, in school you have to learn and work all day, then you get home and have to write papers and work even more. In the summer it is all just fun and games, no responsibilities, just so carefree. You never have to work or read books over the summer, you can do whatever you want, it is the best way to be creative, and think of knew things to do. Plus we can get up whenever we want to wake up. Summer life is surely the best life!!!.
             School takes a lot of learning and hard work so you really, have to work hard and focus to get through it. You need to apply yourself in high school, because this is where grades start to count. Especially if you want to get into good college and be someone very successful in life. Even I am frightened to go back to school, and put my brain back on track, but since I am already used to the school, I am at least a little bit at ease. But for you high school is like stepping into a whole new world when you for the first time. So once you get through the first day and make new friends you will be all right, all you have to do is let your brain do all the work, besides that is what it is there for.

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