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The art of poetry

             A poem is whatever you, as a writer, persuade a particular reader to experience as a poem. In this poem Ars Poetica, the poet tries to explain how a poem should be by telling us how a poem cannot be. This poem contains a revolving theme of how a poem does not have to make sense or be defined in the real world as a tangible thing. This is stated in the last line of the poem, "A poem should not mean, but be." Instead of giving examples of what a poem should be the poet compares the characteristics of poetry to tangible objects to things that are intangible. For example, a poem cannot be described as palpable, mute, dumb, or wordless. However, those words are compared to a globed fruit, old medallions, ledges where the moss has grown and the flight of birds. The poet is trying to carry out the poet that these characteristics are possible within a poem. The poet constant compares the characteristics of a poem to other objects such as the aging moon. Explaining how a poem can last forever past the depths of time. The poet also uses this poem to relate to grief, love, and loss. The empty doorway and a maple leaf symbolize grief. Using imagery, the poet uses the maple leaf as the last living object left on the tree. In the next stanza, the poet describes the emotion of love, "the leaning grasses and two lights above the sea." The leaning grasses symbolize two lovers leaning against one another. They face hardships such as the rain and the battling wind, together. The light above the sea represents the lovers standing out. .
             First off, the title of the poem, Ars Poetica is Latin for "The Art of Poetry." Therefore, it can be implied that this poem is about the makings of a poem. The poet uses many techniques in order to emphasize a deeper meaning. In the poem, the tone is quite consistent. He has a firm and definite tone. The rhyme scheme of Ars Poetica is AA, BB, CC, DE, FF, GH, HI, FF, JJ, KK, LM, NO.

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