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Printing, Religion and Culture

            The development of printing modified ideas in European culture and religion. it enabled people to expose themselves to other models of society and different opinions about religious beliefs. In 1445 Gutenburg invented the printing press, little did he know that this invention would have such a great impact on Europe and it's views in the centuries to come. The printing press's development helped convey ideas from the scientific revolution to the middle class as well as promote the rise of the individual and provide impetus for a new more educated majority in Europe. It helped to sow the seeds for the protestant reformation, humanist movement and rise of Calvinism, it improved communication between people from different regions, and the Catholic Church also took advantage of the printing press for it's own use. .
             Due to the invention of the printing press the middle classes were able to read the views from the scientific revolution. They were able to recognize that other cultures did not conform to the stereotypes of ignorance and savage behavior that had been the common thought of the people but were also people with valid views and different systems of government and laws that could be accepted. When books became available to the middle class one could easily educate himself/herself on the current affairs or new concepts of the day. People's rights became more important and an individual no longer had to be part of a mass to be recognized. The middle class also became more literate and educated; this resulted in a great outpouring of art and creativity that would change the culture of Europe forever. The book trade flourished and industries that were related to it also thrived. This resulted in a stronger economy as well as helping to spread new concepts to the farthest parts of the country. The common people were now discussing the newest most advanced ideas and formulating their own opinions about the new philosophies instead of being limited to what was dictated to them.

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