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Sling blade

            In an essay, discuss how the director, Billy Bob Thornton, uses film techniques to convey the characters and themes in Sling Blade.
             In Sling Blade the director and protagonist, Billy Bob Thornton, used various flim techniques to convey his characters troubled past and morals. It also illustrates the main themes evident in certain scenes such as the interview in the state hospital, Karl with Linda in the kitchen, the secret place in the woods and Doyle's death. .
             In the State Hospital, Thornton uses various lighting and sound techniques to illustrate Karl's isolation. Karl sat looking out the window onto the world. Outside the window is bright light to show the fact that the outside world is a much bigger and brighter place than he hospital. The darkness of in the inside also symbolises the darkness in which he was brought up in and that he is now being let into a brighter different world. The hospital is filled with fake fluorescent like to contrast to the natural light of the outside world. In the interview room, Karl sat in the dark with the only light casting shadows across his face. The darkness of the room symbolises the place in which he grew up and the place he had been living since. The dark room meant a dark world, his dark world. While he was telling the story of his sinful actions, the heartbeat in the music built up to a climax and came to a sudden halt when he admitted he had killed his mother. It was a harsh moment for him to admit it considering when he had committed the act he was under the belief that he was doing the right thing. The camera angle was slightly above him, looking down on a close up of his darkened face. Dragging sound effects on the floor.
             When Karl and Linda have a conversation in the kitchen, Thornton uses mostly lighting and sound techniques to illustrate Karl's trust and Linda's compassion. .
             Carl acted respectfully toward Linda. He was generous.

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