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Sling Blade

            Question Two: Explain how the use of film language (lighting, cinematography, mise-en-scene, music) can help to shape a viewers response to the issues and characters in a film. .
             Film language is an important aspect of any film as it can help to shape the viewers response to the particular themes, issues and characters which are presented. In "Sling Blade" there is a great use of film language to enhance the viewers understanding of the film and the opinion of which they should take on the themes and issues presented. "Sling Blade" makes particular use of camera movement, framing, lighting and music which all help to promote the overall feel and response the viewer takes to the movie.
             In films camera work plays an important role in the position of which the viewer takes. Movies may use camera work to present the movie as being either fast or slow paced. In an action movie such as "The Fast & The Furious" or "Gone in Sixty Seconds" there is a lot of rapid editing. This is done to give the viewer the feeling that the movie is fast paced. However in a romance or drama such as "Maid in Manhattan" or "The American President" there is a very small amount of rapid camera movement to enhance the importance of the dialogue, rather then the action. The movie "Sling Blade" uses a very minimal amount of camera movement and also uses mostly medium shots, or medium long shots. This is done to create a suspenseful and tense atmosphere with the viewer responding to this by thinking that action or violence could erupt at any time. This use of camera movement is used as it keeps the viewer interested in the film and always wanting to know what happens next.
             Framing is an important aspect of any film. Framing is used to make the viewer understand the relationships between the characters in the film. Power relationships can be demonstrated by whether or not a character is standing or sitting in the company of another character.

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