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A Weekend Deployment (Narrative Essay)

             As the helicopter landed, I tried to figure out where I was. In the middle of my thoughts the Blackhawk's doors slide open and the winds from its propeller blades abruptly bring my thoughts back to the matters at hand. My team and I jump from our roaring aircraft with all of our gear and weapons and depart away from it in a starburst formation. We run fifty meters, then fall and lay flat in the thick long grass that helps to conceal us from anyone who might have had a pinpoint on our exact location. As my team and I lay there in the camouflage of our surroundings we observe our immediate view to ensure that there are no signs of any possible hostile encounters. Once my team leader is positive that the area is secure, we proceed to our equipment drop zone. An hour later we have successfully navigated to the location of the remaining necessary supplies needed to complete the first part of our mission.
             It started off as a normal day in the operating room at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC). Scheduled surgeries would take place as they do day after day. The patients would arrive for their pre-operative consultation, sign the appropriate consent forms for the surgery that they would be having and answer a few more questions for the operating room nurse. .
             Anesthesia would prepare the proper sedatives and other items needed for the upcoming case, followed by a visit to the patient to start the I.V. The operating room nurse will double-check the patient's records and council the patient as well as to find out if there has been any last minute .
             Details that might been have risen. I am the surgical tech assigned to this room today, and will be assisting the Dr. through each surgery today. I start preparing and opening the sterile items that will be used for this particular case onto the sterile field. .
             After all the items are opened I leave the room, and proceed to wash and scrub my hands for the surgery, once this is complete I enter back into the room to put on my gown and gloves.

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