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Sling Blade

            In the movie "Sling Blade-, directed my Billy Bob Thornton, the whole aspect of what is moral is brought to our attention. A hero is a person noted for special achievement in a field, courageous, helpful, rescues or saves a person. Karl Childers fits the definition of a hero and proves this by saving Frank.
             Growing up as a child for Karl was hard. His parents were abusive, being so young and nave he did not know any better. Karl parents also made him do horrific things, such as giving him his baby brother and telling him to get rid of it. After Karl spending several years in a hospital institution because he killed his mother and her boyfriend. Karl is let loose. Despite all of the events that happen in his childhood and life, he turned out to be a humble, kind and gentle person.
             Karl will now begin his new life in the world.
             While out in the new world Karl meets a little boy name Frank. Karl helps him with his laundry bags carrying them for him home. Karl is placed in a world where he is confused and has no sense of direction where to go. He has no family besides his dad, but does not seem to want to visit him. Karl owns nothing but three books, the clothing on his back and has nowhere to stay.
             Gerry Karl's doctor finds Karl a job fixing mechanic equipment, which allowed him to live there also. Karl goes back to visit Frank and meet his mom Linda and her boyfriend Doyle. Later on Karl moves in with them.
             Doyle Hargrave is a disrespectable person, who lacks the ability to be a father figure to Frank. He puts his friends down, curses and fights with Linda all the time. He has no remorse for nothing he does. Karl tries to keep Frank in line when he often say " I wish Doyle was dead- or curses and encourages him. Karl becomes Frank's role model. Learning about Frank's hatred towards Doyle, Karl is willing to sacrifice his freedom to save Frank.
             Doyle permanently moves in with Linda and will now pay the bills.

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