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Claudia cisneros and alice walker

             "Only Daughter" by Claudia Cisneros and "Beauty" by Alice Walker are two very similar stories. Both of them are about accomplishments of women in times where women were less than men and only good to become a housewife. Both stories are autobiographies and have to do with women and the relationship with their parents specially their father. Although both authors are from different ethnicities the bumps they found in their way were most of the times because of social standard ideas. .
             Sandra Cisneros was the only daughter of 7 kids. The macho ideas of her Mexican father didn't help her at all. He wanted her to be a housewife; of course Sandra wanted something a lot better for her. Since Sandra wasn't allowed to play with her brothers she spent a lot of her time alone, writing poems and short stories. All of her writing was dedicated to her father. Sandra thought that even though her father couldn't read English, he would feel proud of her because of her being a writer. Sandra grew up and became a teacher but that didn't satisfy her father either. He was happy with his son graduated from the medical school his lifetime dream became true, a son with education not have to be a blue-collar worker. But Sandra's hard work paid off and her books were well accepted by the public. Her books were even translated to Spanish. Her father felt so proud then that he even asked copies to show her daughter's book to other relatives. .
             Alice Walker was an African-American girl who always who always got what she wanted for being cute. Wherever she went people would say "oh isn't she the cutest thing". Her father must have been very proud of her because he took her every place she wanted to go. Beauty gave Alice all the confidence she had. But one day she suffered an accident that left her with a scar on the eye. All of her confidence and sassiness were gone with the beauty she left behind.

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