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Friends in My School Life

             When I was studying in primary school, I have no friends. This was because my mother wanted me to enter the best secondary school in my home country, so she forced me to study very hard. As a result, at that time, the most important thing in my life was just studying, and this had made me lose any interests in making friends. When I entered the secondary school, which was the same as the high schools in the US, it was my first time to make friends.
             For my first two years of life in the secondary school, when I was twelve years old, I met some friends. They changed my life. Unfortunately, they all had bad habits like heavy smoking. Some even took drugs or fought with the others from schools nearby very often. As time went by, I was affected by their bad habits and became a bad boy. My friends never did their schoolwork. What they cared about was the places where they would go after school and where they would meet those hot girls.
             At first, I thought those friends were my real friends. I thought they really cared about our friendship, but after one instance, I found that they all were fair-weather friends. This is because one day after we finished our basketball match at the school playground, we were all very tired and decided to take a rest. One of my friends gave me a box of cigarettes and asked me to keep it for him. I put it in my schoolbag without notice that I was already cheated by him. Our class teacher came and checked out schoolbags suddenly. She found that box of cigarettes and asked whether it was belonged to me. I kept silent and stared at my friends. They tried to avoid looking at me. At that moment, I felt deeply disappointed and lonely. No one would care about my innocence. After this case, I trust no one. I felt that all people in the world would only care about their self interests. I thought that true friendship is nonexistence in this world.
             This thought about "real friends" was even strengthened when I was in my third and forth years in the school.

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