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Censorship Good or Bad?

            Try to image a world with no music, or imaging living in a world with someone telling you what to sing or listen to in the privacy or your own home! Well guess what, we are living in it right now. Censorship is what the government deems hurtful or vulgar to society. As you can see there are many different topics in censorship. One of many topics that interest me is the censorship on music. One type of music that is a big target of censors, if s rock music. Rock music is a huge when it comes to censors because of the allusions to sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. .
             Since as early as the 1950's music censorship has had a negative effect on rock music. There have been many cases of music censorship, it is nothing new. One case goes back to the mid-seventeenth century. Official censors often rewrote the operas of Giuseppe Verdi to make it appropriate for different aged groups that would either read or see his operas. His operas had material that offended those who were in power at that time. So the censors were altered or left "bad stuff"out and replaced them with something they thought was more appropriate. .
             Many others think that some musicians have a bad influence on teenagers and children. One major one was when Kurt Cobain, the singer of the band Nirvana. When Kurt committed suicide, three teenagers in Canada committed suicide in he same week. Some people felt it was to follow in his foot steps .
             Another case, which I am sure you all have heard of before, The Beatles. Even if you never listened to them personally, I am sure your parents have. In June of 1966, the Beatles came out with a album called, "Yesterday and Today." The cover of the album was called the "butcher cover," which had a photo of the band wearing bloody butcher smocks, they were holding raw pieces of meat, and they were surrounded by baby dolls. These baby dolls were naked and had either there heads, legs, or arms missing.

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