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Affirmative side of censorship

             First Speaker: The term censor is derived from the Latin word, census meaning to assess. Each case of censorship is different depending on individual circumstances. Most cases of censorship undermine established government, religion or morals. Censorship is a tool used by governments and communities to protect, among other things, the good character of the society we live in.
             There are many who feel that censorship is a good thing in some circumstances. For example, in some European countries propagating information deemed to be racist is illegal. Governments seek to prevent people from advocating ideas, which are deemed damaging to society. There are two answers to this. The first is that you can't allow those in power to impose "good" censorship, without also enabling them to impose "bad" censorship. To impose any form of censorship a government must have the ability to monitor and thus restrict communication. There are already criticisms that the anti-racism censorship in many European countries is hampering legitimate historical analysis of events such as the Second World War. .
             The second argument is that this "good" censorship is counter-productive even when it does not enter other areas. Unfortunately, preventing people from being aware of the often-sophisticated arguments used by racists makes them vulnerable to those arguments when they do eventually encounter them. .
             Even though in Mexico censorship is illegal I think it shouldn't be because as I mentioned before it's a way to protect society from being manipulated in many ways. It would be great for censorship to become legal because that way the Mexican community will be free from all worries that a government, media etc. could cause. A good example of this could be banning everything that talks bad about Mexico, its people and its politics. .
             Second Speaker: Retaking what my partner has said, I also share his same point of view. I think that censorship should be legal so that society doesn't hear or find out about the bad things that are happening around them.

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