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A multidimensional god

            Throughout the book of Genesis, God plays many different roles in the lives of his believers. God changes his way of acting, according to the character's needs. In the story of Adam we see God as a father figure, guiding Adam in every step of the way, telling him what to do and not to do. In the story of Noah, God acts as a commander, and Noah just follows the orders due to his own character. We cannot examine Adam and Noah's story because we do not see any growth in their relationship and also because their stories are so short. On the other hand, in the life of Abraham, we are able to see many different characteristics that show growth in a friendship. Through many chapters we see how God and Abraham communicate and grow in their relationship. The definition given to us says that a round character is multidimensional and has the capability of growing and changing in a story. Hence following this definition, we are able to analyze Abraham's stories to show that God is a "round character.".
             The beginning of Abraham's relationship with God starts by Abraham being chosen by him to rule a great nation of followers of God, which he has promised to prepare for him. God protects Abraham, and we can see this when God says, "And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee" (12:3). Already we start to see that God wants Abraham to survive to fulfill his blessing. God could be considered his friend now because in the world we live in now, a true friend cherishes and protects another friend, no matter what happens. We see God protecting Abraham in Egypt when he encounters the pharaoh. Abraham knows that "they will kill me" if he enters Egypt with a wife. But after, when the pharaoh finds out that he had lied, Abraham is sent out with his gifts without a scratch. God had sent plagues into Egypt and the pharaoh knew it was because of Abraham. We are staring to see a friendship that is quickly growing.

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