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Mary Had a little Phone

            Mary had a little phone it jingled "Fur Elise," and every where that Mary went the phone was sure to go. It followed her to school one day and it was against state law. She was caught with it in school one day and received five days detention, not to mention that her phone was confiscated, her parents were notified, she was grounded for a month, missed prom, lost her date/ boyfriend to some bimbo, and is now on anti-depressants. (Sigh) .
             Yes, that time has come again where students text message each other from behind their insignificant "book walls" in what might be the largest rebellion against the rules since above-knee skirts. But even though a student believes they are well hidden, all the teachers know what is going on, (they aren't as dumb as some like to believe,) and sometimes the teacher will enforce the rule, sometimes not. As cell phone case after cell phone case enters the office, the topic of the beginning of every school year is "How necessary are cell phones in school?" The usual argument from the anti-cell phone side is "They (the students) don't need them because it is a distraction." The "pro-choice" side, which consists of unskilled tongues and vain teenagers is "I pay the bill, I should be able to use it wherever I want," or " I have to be able to contact people before and after school." Contrary to popular belief the world does not rotate around you. Ok though, I will go with that statement. The only problem is, is that statement is a lie for most people. The truth is, according to a recent SHS survey, the majority of the student body uses their phones during school. Since students only need to contact people before and after school, then you shouldn't have a problem with leaving you cell phone in your car or locker. .
             Do not think this opinion is only one sided though. Cell phones in class is a distraction, but what, if any, advantages are their to having access to outside communications from every room in the school? Here's a great example of one.

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