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Charlie Chaplin

             Put together a pair of baggy pants, oversized shoes, a coat that's too small, and a derby hat. Add a mustache, and what do you get? The result is, "The Little Tramp," the most famous character created by the English comedian, director, and film producer Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. .
             For some, it begins at their first audition. For others, it begins with a single phone call. Charlie Chaplin was born into a show business family.
             His mother, Hannah Hill, was a music hall performer. Going by the stage name of Lily Harley, Hannah was noted for her ability to imitate well - known actresses of the day.
             Charlie's father, Charles Chaplin Sr., was also an entertainer. He and Hannah met in a London boarding house where they both were living in the spring of 1885. At the time, Hannah, who was unmarried, had just given birth to her first child, Sidney. Charles and Hannah were married on June 22, 1885, three months after Sidney's birth. On the evening of April 16, 1889, Hannah gave birth to her second son, Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr. Hannah, also known as Lily, retired from the stage to devote her career to motherhood. .
             Unfortunately, due to Charles" drinking problem, he and Hannah decided to separate. It would be several years before Charlie Jr. would see his father again.
             He appeared on the stage in a dance act at age 8. When Charlie was 17, Vaudeville was a major aspect of show biz. Vaudville, which consisted of various short acts, appealed to Charlie and he decided he would pursue a career working for the Karno Vaudeville Company.
             In 1913, the American film producer, Mack Senntt saw him in the Karno show and asked him to move to California to make movies.
             While making his second movie, " Kid Auto Races at Venice", which was released in 1914, Charlie Chaplin put together his famous costume for the tramp.

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