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Charlie Chaplin

            Charlie Chaplin once proclaimed that he would always remain one thing, that being a clown. Charlie Chaplin has been often sited at the single most influential actor in American movie history. Despite the fact that over his lifetime Charlie Chaplin acquired a spotted reputation, it did not taint his iconic status as a motion picture genius. Charlie Chaplin's lifetime of work in the film industry has left an indelible mark on modern films. I hope to shed light on Charlie Chaplin with the following questions. What were films like before Charlie Chaplin started his acting career? What did Chaplin first think of American films when he arrived in Hollywood, and how did he change them? Why, and what are some of Chaplin's most famous films and characters? How did Chaplin's ideas get him into trouble with the American government? And finally what are Chaplin's lasting accomplishments and memories?.
             Thomas Edison and William Dickson invented the first motion picture camera in 1902. By 1905 large amounts of people were paying five cents to see the first movies. This five-cent price tag was the origin of nickelodeon theaters that housed audiences in almost every major city. However early movies were in black and white only, about ten to twelve minutes long, and had no sound. Instead a pianist or organist in the theater provided the background music for the movies. Often times these short films had no solid story line, and amazed people just with the images they captured. It was not until Charlie Chaplin came along that movies began to truly evolve into the cinematic productions we see today. .
             Born in England in 1889 to a poor family, when Chaplin was 24 years old he arrived in Hollywood California where he found quick and astonishing success. However, Charlie was appalled when he first entered the Hollywood sets. He became increasingly upset because the workers would leave early even if scenes weren't finished.

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