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Crimes and Punishments

            In the Inferno, there are two levels of hell, the upper hell and the lower hell, together consisting of nine circles of sinners all being punished with a punishment to fit their crime. There is also the foyer and the center. The upper hells and the foyer consist of the sinners who cannot control themselves. The lower hells are those who sin using fraud, violence, and malice. The center holds Satan with Judas, Brutus, and Cassius in his three mouths.
             The upper hell has five circles and the foyer. The foyer holds the mediocre people and the trimmers. These sinners are punished by being stung by insects and running aimlessly after one banner and then another. They also have maggots that devour the blood that is mixed with tears that fall down the sinners faces. This punishment is good for these sinners because they did not make up their mind so someone else made up their mind for them and made it very clear to the sinner which one he should have chose.
             The first circle of hell consists of virtuous pagans and the unbaptized infants. These are the people who lived before Christ came. Their punishment is to have desire without hope. "They have no hope of death, and their blind life is so debased that they are envious of every other lot." This fits because during their life they lived the same way. They had the desire for knowledge but did not have hope to find it out. .
             The next circle has the lustful. There punishment is to be in darkness and be blown around in the wind. This punishment fits the sin they committed because they lived their life by lust. They went wherever their heart lusted to go. Now instead of being led by a lustful heart they are led around in a horrible windstorm and not being able to see where they are going.
             The third circle of hell is composed of gluttons. The punishment for gluttons is for them to lie in mud in a cold rain. This punishment suits their offense because these people are used to being pampered and living the high life.

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