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True love meets the parents

             Love is an emotion that dominates all other sensations. Humans since the beginning of their existence have pondered the emotion of love in their writings, movies, and music. No one really understands it, and few can truly explain it. It is defined by every unique situation people encounter, and how several relationships function. "Meet the Parents- has a deeper meaning then what is on the surface of this popular comedy. Through Greg and Pam's experiences with sterotypical images and Greg's mishaps we see their love is true.
             Kevin is unveiled, unknown to Greg, at a family dinner that he is not only Pam's ex-boyfriend, but is also her ex-fiancé. He is shown in a light of stereotypical perfection. Kevin is the best man in Pam's sister's wedding. He is also very successful professionally, which is evident by his very large house. Kevin's hobby of carpentry is even modeled after Jesus Christ who was a carpenter. Kevin is also very in love with Pam. He has pictures in his front foyer still of them in several different places of the world, and he makes a comment to Greg while they are in his garage that she is an amazing girl as he pauses in reflection of their good times spent together. Even though Kevin seems so impeccable there has to be some reason that is not revealed to the audience as to why his engagement to Pam fell apart. Perhaps there is something behind his perfect exterior that isn't so flawless.
             Jack is also portrayed in this film very similarly to Kevin. It appears that Jack has no flaws. He is very meticulous about what he does, always scheduling things on an itinerary for everyone in the family to follow. Jack does have two weaknesses that are apparent. Jinx and Pam are two things Jack cannot seem to contain his emotions about, and they are two things that seem to be able to crack his tough shell. When Jinx turns up missing Jack is ready to call off the wedding because his "ring bearer- is missing.

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