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Should Pagers and Cell Phones be Allowed in High Schools

             Should pagers and cell phones be allowed in school?.
             There are many reasons why the school district thinks pagers and cell phones should not be allowed in any of the schools in Philadelphia. To me no matter what the rules are teens are still going to bring them to school regardless. The teens know the consequences of bringing a cell phone or a pager to school. They know that it will get taken and not returned. If you think about that at first you will think why would they insist on still bringing it to school when they know it will be taken from them and then it will be a waste of money because now you just lost you phone for good. Some people just feel better with their cell phone.
             In my old school I use to take my cell phone to school everyday even though they told us we were not allowed to, many of us did. They even took it twice in the same year. They took it when they saw it in my backpack. I was not even using it. Even though the it said that if your cell phone or pager were to be taken there was no way what so ever that you were getting it back, well that was not true, they gave it back to me both times.
             I think as long as we are not using the cell phone during class or leaving class to use our cell phones, there should be no problem with us taking it to school. The teachers even have cell phone in school. They would have them lying out in the open, sometimes even ringing during our class period and the teachers would answer it. Now, that is not setting a real good example. .
             What can you possibly do with a cell phone or pager that can make it banned in some schools? It is not a weapon of any sort for this topic to be taken so seriously. It is the same as having a walkman or a disc man, some schools allow these objects into there building as long as they do not use them during class hours and I think that is understandable, but why not make it the same way with cell phones or pagers.

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