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Ways People Lie

             But, some people take it to the extremes, to the point where it hurts someone in the long run. It makes me think about why they would do it. Is it because their lives are so uninteresting and boring that they feel like they need jazz it up? Or do they lack attention and feel that lying is the only way to obtain it.
             When I was a freshman in high school my friends and I started hanging out with this girl who seemed to have a very interesting life. She had visited all 50 states, she lived in Aiea with her 22-year-old sister, and she modeled for Liberty House. I use to go to school on Mondays waiting to hear what she had done that weekend, where she had gone.
             One Monday she came to school and started crying. She told us that this past weekend that she was diagnosed with cancer and that it was so advanced that the doctors said that she only had between two weeks to a month to live. At first, I was a little unsure whether to believe her or not. But, she put on such a good show that we all ended up hugging her and crying.
             It's been about three and a half years since then and she's still here. No, it's not a miracle. She was always in good condition and probably just told us that story to get attention because we started to doubt some of the stories that she told us. Don't get me wrong, I"m grateful that she's still here and hasn't passed on yet, but why lie? Especially about something that serious? We are all still mad at what she did. I mean, we all went out of our way to be extra nice to her and it's like she played us for fools. We don't associate with her anymore, in fact, she says she has some sort of restraining order on us. But, every once in awhile she comes by use to tell us about her pregnancies and engagements to guys no one has ever seen before. Big surprise.
             I realized though, that everyone lies. Whether it be big or small, we all do it to some extent. In Stephanie Erisson's "the Ways we lie", she lists ten different types of lies.

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