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Lies In History

            I am sure that everyone in here is familiar with this famous scene about a little girl who was deaf and blind. With the help of Anne Sullivan her teacher, Helen Keller learned to communicate through sign language. What you probably don't know is she was a strong advocate for the socialist party. Christopher Columbus was a great man; he discovered America the other story to this according to James lowen in lies my teacher told me is he killed many people in the process to claim this new world for England. So why weren't we told about such events? All throughout history there are many things that were left out of history books, but why? First of all I want to share some facts that you may not know about history that I found interesting this might help you see why some things were left out. Next I want to discuss the actual textbooks, the publishing and writing of them, and lat we will look at teachers and students in the classroom as another possible reason. So lets start out with some facts that I am sure you were not aware of. .
             James lowen author of lies my teacher told me shares some interesting facts that probably did not make it into your history classroom, for instance, by show of hands how many of you know the name martin Luther king? (what was he known for?) A minister and strong advocate for civil rights. But did you know that he was not faithful? When Europeans first came to America they believed bathing was unhealthy, leaving the Indians to teach them to bathe. So all of the stories that you were told about Indians dying of disease were due to the unsanitary ways of the Europeans. Who were the first settlers in America? Any ideas? The first settlers in America were black, from Africa, becoming enslaved when Europeans came and took over. What about Abraham Lincoln? Anyone? He was a slave owner himself and made the comment that if he could save the union without freeing slaves he would.

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