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Looking backward

                 According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the definition of radical egalitarianism is to drastically advocate the doctrine of equal political, economic, and legal rights for all citizens.   During the late19th century, there were many problems facing the newly industrialized America. The new industry was causing a lot more production, which meant more capital for the nation, and the government. The government was being run by corrupt politicians that were in office to benefit their own needs. The government was doing little to help out the suffering lower class. Also, many immigrants were coming to America. The different backgrounds such as British, Irish, and Italian caused conflict. They brought their own basic principles of religion, politics, and wealth with them. The different backgrounds, beliefs, and newly formed hierarchy or wealth created a divided society due to the upper, middle, and lower class separation. The middle and lower classes had no choice other than to work in large factories for low wages. The employees worked to benefit the factory owners. They continued to work for low wages while the factory owners became rich. This created an immense gap between the upper and lower classes. While the men worked in the factories, the women were forced to stay.
             at home. Their main concern was to take care of their house and children. They had no opportunities other than to get married and provide home care for their family. The government provided insignificant help to those who needed it. The government functioned to benefit itself, neglecting the problems that were occurring in the nation. .
             Even though the government was based on the idea that all men were created equal, there was evidence to prove that this was an inaccurate statement. In the novel, Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy, Bellamy addresses issues of the late19th century by creating and transforming an utopian society based on radical egalitarianism.

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