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Dedicated to My Husband

            Dedicated to my loving husband, Michael.
             "Hello", they said as they smiled at each other in the light of the moon. She was 16 and he was 15. In the days and months that followed, a friendship bloomed and flourished. They looked forward to spending time together, talking and laughing for hours. on end. Neither ever realizing how much they cared for each other in friendship. Until one day, it ends. .
             "See ya, my friend!" they said, as they parted ways and began their travels down (through) the long, hard lessons of life, . Each making their own successes and mistakes. ("each" doesn't match with "their" and to use his/her would be inappropriate here) Almost a decade went by without notice and they found themselves together again. .
             "Good to see you, friend!" they said as they smiled at each other in the light of the dance floor. In the days and months that followed, they easily/effortlessly rekindled a friendship was easily rekindled (use active voice) and they began talking, crying and laughing for hours, on end. until one special day when they realized how much they enjoyed each other's company. .
             "Marry me, my friend," he said on Christmas Day in the evening. "Of course," she said knowing there could be no other in the world she could love as much as him. They planned a beautiful, romantic wedding together. Each agonizing decision was also a moment of joy to the savored. .
             "Grow old with me, my friend," they said on their wedding day, staring into each other's eyes as if there was no one else was present. "You are the Prince Charming I have dreamed of since I was a little girl," she said, and there was not a dry eye in the house. They danced Dancing the night away (watch the cliches."danced the night away") in each other's arms, smiling at each other in the light of the moon shining through the windows onto the dance floor. .
             "See ya, my love," they said when life took them away. A year went by and no matter how many miles were between them, their love was always the lifeline back home.

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