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             Kate Chopin's "Story of an Hour- deals with various themes of a woman who finds out about her husband's death. Kate Chopin was brought up in a home full of women. All she learned was from women. Sandra Cisneros "Woman Hollering Creek- deals with more fantasy themes of a Mexican girl married off to a guy and moving to the U.S. and how she pretends her life would be like those in the telenovelas (soap operas). Sandra Cisneros is the only girl in her family; she only has brothers. Although many women base their identities on their role within a marriage, this does not always meet their expectations or make them happy. The character in Kate Chopin's story is in a marriage that does not make her happy. The marriage of the character in "Woman Hollering Creek- does not fulfill her expectations. Both stories compare how the women from each story explore their own true identity. Through topics, such as how society views women's identities, the life of a married woman, and the way to freedom. .
             Society's idealized identity for women often involves staying at home. Today it is not so much emphasized as in earlier centuries, however, as a married woman in the late 19th century; it was really hard to ignore these expectations. Normally women have to stay at home and take care of all that is needed there. If you were from the upper class you were lucky because you would have servants. Yet the women still needed to be home to supervise the servants. Mrs. Mallard in Chopin's "Story of an Hour- seems to be a woman from the upper class, and there are different situations in the story that lead the reader to believe this. An example of this is that she lives in a two story house and has her own room. The narrator refers to the character as Mrs. Mallard, and for a good part of the story the reader does not know her full name. The character is referred to by .
             Trejos 2.
             her husband's last name, suggesting she does not have any other identity than "Mrs.

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