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Career goals

             Throughout my life I have had many goals and aspirations, along with many likes and dislikes. For as long as I could remember I have always felt the need to serve and protect. This started at a very young age. I was never a bully nor was I ever really picked on. I was the kid that would stick up for the little kid being picked on. I always felt the need to defend those who can't defend of speak for themselves. As well am I a territorial and protective person that will do anything for those close to her. I am very loyal and a, good team player I never put my self before the group "there's no I in team". A strong sense of family sisterhood and comradely has always been a necessity in my life. I live for the felling of victory, success and power. I like to be a leader and take control of situations that I know it will benefit others. Although respect is key in find security being part of a group that is organized orderly where everyone knows there role and has respect for the one ahead of them and a respect for authority. "The General speaks and the Privet. Listens". Serving your country, city, community and family along with the people around you is very important. Having the need to help and serve along the ability to get it done and step up to the plate. This has led me in many different directions with different careers. Such as the Military, teaching, nursing, small business owner, social work, corrections officer and last but not least a Police officer. With a lot of thought and consideration I am aspiring to become a New York City police officer. .
             Why the N.Y.P.D you may ask? It is a job downplayed by many, but I think it's honorable and ideal. I won't make a lot of many, I won't receive a big bonus or have any great perks I won't have summers off and a lot of vacation time and I won't even get the respect I deserve. This does not change my mind. Going in to the job I know what I"m up against long tours, double shifts eating thanksgiving diner in a precinct and walking the streets in 90* degree weather and working New Years eve in 30* degree weather.

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