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Karl Marx

             Karl Marx saw many problems with the capitalist system.
             identify and remedy the problems of capitalism through his creation of .
             Marxism. He felt that capitalism benefited the owners of the means of .
             production, not the worker.
             Karl Marx describes capitalists as people with a "vampire thirst for the .
             living blood of labour." As he describes capitalism his main objection to the .
             economic system is what was know as the "labor theory of value." The .
             theory says that the value of any commodity is a function of the amount of .
             labor that it took to produce it. In capitalism, labor is a commodity the .
             value of the labor is determined by it's cost. The cost of a worker's labor is .
             the cost of sustaining him. Marx says only in an ideal world will the product .
             be sold for it's just price. Capitalists attempt to find a way to receive a profit .
             from this product. They do so by forcing the laborer to work more hours than .
             are needed for his own survival. Lawhead says that Marx had a theory in .
             which the worker's day is split into two parts. First, the hours that are spent .
             making the product, whose total value, is equivalent to support himself and .
             his family. The second part of the work day consists of the worker producing .
             products whose value is taken by the capitalist. This describes how the .
             capitalist makes a profit on the surplus value. .
             Marx says that capitalism split's the capitalist system into two parts. .
             These are the Bourgeoisie, the richest of the people, and the Proletariat, the .
             working class. According to Professor Ron Hagaman of Mc Henry County .
             College, these sides are in a constant struggle for control of the economy. .
             Since the Bourgeoisie control the means of production, they also control all .
             the power, and thus keep the Proletariat poor and powerless. This is so that .
             they can not rise up and take control of the system. The Bourgeoisie use the .
             power of the State to execute their commands.

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