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Gender and the Military

             When we look at how the military looks at gender, we can know a couple of things to be fact. One, the military has always looked at females as being inadequate soldiers and has therefore discouraged major participation by women. The fact of the matter is because of some of the physical differences between the sexes, men have played a more dominant role in military operations. Also, you have to consider the stereotypes that exist. I believe that most men feel a strong abounding sense of leadership when it comes to the family. Maybe this comes from more aggressive tendencies that rear themselves during adolescence. Regardless, no matter how you feel about the subject, most men will tell you that they"re job is to protect their families, especially they"re fragile beautiful daughters. This philosophy has existed for centuries. So, when we look at gender in the military, were basically talking about the integration of women in to a more modern mainstream role in the mainly male dominated profession (gender in the Military).
             The origin of women soldiers can probably be traced back to world's earliest battles. Women have participated in many battles and have really contributed in support roles. If we analyze the contribution in the United States, there have been document cases that have shown that women have actually fought in the revolutionary war. In 1778, a Deborah Samson enlisted in the 4th Massachusetts regiment by disguising herself as a male soldier. As late as 1994, Lt. Kara Hultgreen became the first f-14 Tomcat fighter pilot, and late was killed during a landing attempt when one of her engines stalled. The fact of the matter is that females just as much as male want to leave a contribution in all areas. What this shows is that women do experience the same feelings of patriotism and .
             call of duty that men experience. And if given the opportunity women can and will contribute (Hightower, K).

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