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Bikers stereotyped

            Picture you are in a restaurant, preferably in a coffee shop, in the late evening. You and your date are sitting at a table, talking over a cappuccino and burger when, up roars 6 to 8 motorcycles. What is your first impression? As these heavy bearded; mustached; leather clad; logging boot wearing people come stomping into the restaurant. They sit down at a table next to you, noisily; talking and joking amongst themselves. How do you feel? What about on the roads? There are so many bikers out there now days, could it scare you? Are they really whom they seem to be?.
             So; the next time a Harley goes roaring past you, think about taking a second look. It just could be your Doctor; Minister; or even Mr. Hersha. They dress in black leather, looking as menacing as the hells angels. But these bikers have little in common with that notorious biker gang. So remember to smile and wave because it just may be your English teacher and who couldn't use a better grade!.
             The influence of motorcycles upon culture has experienced a significant change throughout the past several years. Bikers have worked hard to abandon their unappealing reputation and the image of being dirty; unsavory troublemakers. The bikers of today are from every walk of life. They are everyone; in every class, and every occupation, with a hard image to overcome.
             Debunking the bad boy image of motorcycle riders has not been an easy task. The old; unflattering distinction that has haunted bikers for years has had a tendency to stick in the public mind, making it difficult for the law-abiding biker. However; the very nature of motorcycle riding has taken on a new image and vitality within the contemporary society. Now attracting more professionals and woman; whose desire is to project an image of wholesome fun, community contribution, and a sense of freedom and lifestyle. Yet; even with this new vitality; the mass majority still stereotype bikers.

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