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            This article is about a student at Auckland University in New Zealand who figured out the structure of a protein molecule which could lead to a cure for tuberculosis. The protein that Nayden Koon identified is key because the tuberculosis bacteria, mycobacterium tuberculosis, needs it to survive but it does not naturally exist in humans. Therefore targeting this protein with a drug would not harm humans. Koon has been working along with many other professors and students in other countries in an "international non-profit consortium to beat tuberculosis. .
             Every year 3 million people die from tuberculosis which is more than any other infectious disease. The problem is that because mostly people in poor countries have been dying from it, drug companies did not care about finding a cure or doing research on the disease. They knew that a drug would not be profitable for them. But recently tuberculosis has been affecting more people in wealthy nations and a large number of AIDS patients are dying from it so the interest in finding a cure is on the rise. Research is still not being funded but in the near future it could be if breakthroughs on finding a cure continue to be made.
             The tuberculosis bacteria has about 3900 genes which equates to about 3900 proteins. The consortium is picking out proteins that they think would be the best targets for drugs and analyzing their structures. In order to do that, the scientists clone the gene that makes the protein and put it in E. Coli. The E. Coli then makes the same protein. Next they extract and purify the protein. After that it forms a crystal containing millions of that protien that they look at under a microscope. Next it is sent to a "synchrotron- a $150 million dollar facility that produces an extremely bright and focused beam of light." After this they can analyze the structure of the protein and make a drug that will match that structure.

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