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Cell Phones

             In today's world it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone talking on a cell phone. Actually I don't think I know anybody my age that doesn't have one. Every teenager not only dreams of having a car, dreams of having a cell phone too. Teenagers think that you have to have a cell phone to be considered cool. .
             On the other hand I have been guilty of looking for the phone to receive or make a call, and swerve off the road or into another lane. There are many accidents's that happen everyday because of people who are distracted and careless when they are talking on their phone and driving. But does this mean that we should make laws to ban the use of cell phones while driving? I feel that making laws to control this is taking it too far, because cell phones are used for business, emergencies, and security. Even though there are many controversies about cell phones I feel that if used correctly and safely they are something that we cannot live without.
             When I began researching this topic I was very strong in the belief that cell phones were very safe, but now after researching I see that they aren't as safe as I thought they were. It is that the phones are unsafe; it is how carelessly we use them. Most of us never think about how much they can distract us from driving safely. So, I still think cell phones are good and we shouldn't have laws against them but I think we should also take a closer look at how well we use them.
             Most of the people that want laws against cell phones in the car want them because they think they cause many accidents. I am sure that they do cause some accidents but in the big scheme of things they cause fewer accident than you would think. In a recent article, he/she said, "Even though they are known to cause accidents, they are very low on the list of driving distractions." Distractions above them include changing CD's, adjusting the radio and eating.

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