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Prejudice and Racism

             Prejudice is basically defined as a pre-judgement or a rigid and irrational.
             generalization about an entire category of people. Racism is defined as .
             a belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another.
             In my life time as an African American, I have experienced prejudice as well .
             as racism. I personally think they go hand in hand. I was raised without.
             prejudice. I lived in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia on a block of twin .
             homes. My next door neighbors were an elderly white couple, whereas the .
             block and the block across from us held African Americans. The two blocks .
             were like family, I would go over to the next door neighbors and play and .
             talk to them and they would come outside and socialize with the other .
             neighbors. That was the first interaction I had with someone of a different.
             race. When they moved, another African American family moved in from .
             North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia. That is a story within itself. .
             Let's just say that they brought a prejudice with them towards the neighbors.
             of the two blocks. There is definitely a prejudice with African Americans .
             against other African Americans. To my knowledge, I didn't experience .
             prejudice until I became an adult. I went to inter-racial schools, where if .
             there was prejudice, I did not see it. The most memorable experience I had.
             was when I went out with one of my best friends to a bar for some drinks. .
             My friend Laura is white. I went with her, her roommate and her boyfriend.
             I was the only black there which did not bother me at all, my personality.
             does not allow me to care what other people think, just bothers me to think .
             that there are still some out there with such a hatred and we all bleed the .
             same blood. We were having a good time but I felt someone staring at us, .
             so much that it felt like someone with hot breath was breathing on my neck.
             When I brought it to there attention, all I did was make the evening more.

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