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            Racism: The Disease of the Land "Racism has been to human relationships what cancer has been to human existence. It is a disease that eats away at the very fabric of humanity itself. Rather than ending in the death of a mortal being, it usually culminates in war. A war of Nations Against Nations, People against People," Oscar Peterson. Racism is something that has been a part of our world since the beginning of time. Many of us may think that it has really gotten better. The question is has it really gotten any better? I personally feel that no one has a reason to be racist. I am writing this essay to help people understand that there are people of all different races and colors, but we are all the same. Whether people realize it or not, the number one reason most people are racist is skin color. There are also those people who are still dwelling on the past, during the time of slavery. Although many may feel they have a good reason to be racist, there is no good reason to hate a group of people. One of the main causes of racism is pride in one's own race. For some reason, many racist people tend to think that there is something different between the different races. I think it is not only just the color of the skin that is the problem but the fact that there was once a time when they ruled just about everything. They owned blacks as slaves and now we are free and are able to live as they do. Some people can not adjust to that. In addition, they think if they put blacks down it would make their race stronger. Racism is but one of the largest problems in our society. It is used in so many different ways that many people are not aware. When will there be an end to this, many of us may wonder. In my opinion, it will go on forever. There does not seem to be too many people who really want to put an end to this controversy. Most of us do not realize how serious racism is and what it is doing to our society.

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