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            Stripping of clothes and of self-worth.
             Is stripping truly an undignified, or even degrading, way of putting oneself through university?.
             The question of whether or not stripping is degrading or undignified has been debated since the act was introduced into society. Are people, (particularly women) stripping away their self-worth when they disrobe in front of delighted males? In my opinion they are. .
             Stripping is a degrading act that reduces a woman to a sexual object. When a woman walks out onto the stage and takes off her clothes, she becomes an object of desire to dozens of bug-eyed, horny men. These men do not care in the least about the women they are watching shed their clothes, nor do they care about anything about them (name, values, hobbies, etc). All these men care about is seeing what these women have underneath their "costume". .
             The thought of stripping and attending university, is to me an oxymoron. Strippers and university students represent two different classes in my mind. You go to school to get an education, so you can get a job where you do not have to reduce yourself. However, with the continual rising costs of attending university, stripping may be an ingenious way of earning money. It is however a relatively easy way of earning plenty of money, quickly. .
             The fact that stripping may be a relatively simple and efficient way of putting oneself through university, does not however dignify it or make it any less degradable. In my opinion, stripping is degrading, whether it is males or females on the stage. Parading naked in front of multiple people shouting crude comments at you must be degrading. If those who strip were forced to do such acts, then there would be no question as to whether it is degrading or not. .
             This brings us to the subject of freedom of choice and the relationship between feminism and the freedom of women to bare their bodies. Feminists may argue that stripping is not degrading in the least but in some weird way is liberating.

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