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            Stripped of more than my clothes .
             Daria MonDesire, in her article, "Stripped of more than My Clothes," addresses the unfortunate indignity she suffered returning home from abroad. Daria was stripped searched on her return to the United States by U.S. Customs agents. Daria uses comparisons and figures to shock the reader and to gain their sympathy. Comparing her strip searcher's hands to that of a rapist and showing the low percentages of people found carrying drugs (4%). One cannot help but feel sympathy and outrage. She uses rhetorical strategy effectively to exaggerate her outrage and injects the article with racism.
             Daria MonDesire, upon returning home from travels abroad is strip-searched. I feel a strip-search is a total invasion of privacy. "Strip-search everyone who travels out of the country", I could not agree more. In this day and age how can a 4% success rate, a 96% failure rate be considered effective. The only way it could ever be considered correct, was if it was a totally random process. .
             The sites, sounds and foreign culture overseas is something I personally love and crave. I can identify with the warm fuzzy feeling of finally heading home. The first step off the plane, the line at customs, knowing that family and friends are just minutes, even seconds away. Behind one last door. I have never been strip-searched, but I could imagine the shock, embarrassment and indignity that constitutes extra baggage.
             Daria MonDesire was searched for wearing bulky clothing. Forced to strip down and prove that her "sanitary pad was there for its intended purpose". I ask, "WHO CAN PROCLAIM OTHERWISE!?", this was a horrible, unnecessary invasion of privacy. Ninety-six percent of all searched "were found to be carry nothing more than memories". "Even three out of four of the 2,797 travelers subjected to. X-ray exams or cavity searches turned out not to be carrying drugs or contraband".

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