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             The abortion clinic never gave me any information about what I was going to do. When I went in for the abortion I felt as if I was at a meat market. They asked for the money and then I was put on a table. They did one abortion after another. During the abortion the staff were very insensitive. They gave no comfort. I wish I would of knew what the abortion procedures were. If I did I would of never went through the abortion. Abortions are not always the best decision. The procedure for abortions are not simple but rather very risky. There are four categories of abortions.
             The first category women can have done is called a menstrual extraction. When the mother is only a couple of weeks pregnant she can have the child suctioned from her body. The doctor paralyzes the cervix and then inserts a plastic tube with a tip into the women's body. The tube is connected to a powerful pump with a suction force 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner(Colliton 1). The procedure tears the baby's body into pieces The rest of the placenta sack is then sucked out. The procedure is now finished. Most of the women have their lives turned upside down. After the abortion the women don't realize how this will truly effect their lives.
             After my abortion, reality parted company with rhetoric. The choice that was supposed to spare me the heartache of parting with my own flesh and blood, tormented me with an over whelming sense of loss from which there was no escape (Philippa Peck).
             The second category of abortion is called Dilatation and Curettage (D and C).
             Usually done during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. This is similar to the suction procedure except that the doctor cuts up the body into pieces and then scraps all the pieces out.
             The dilation procedure is extremely painful. The suction machine is very loud- and it has a horrible sound.

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