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What is Intelligence

             Intelligence is a capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. There are certain numbers of people who believe that taking an aptitude test could prove that they are intelligent. Certain people believe that intelligence is measured through testing. But that is not exactly the case. An intelligence test is only a test that tests a person on certain knowledge that they have already known or have already been taught by someone. Therefore, testing someone's intelligence through an aptitude test is not exactly proving that they are intelligent. Such a test is biased toward what the test makers" feel is important. Intelligence only really shows itself in the many ways that we live well. It can't be judged by an aptitude test. .
             In "What is Intelligence, Anyway?" by Isacc Asimov, the author explains that he is not really intelligent. The only reason that people think he is intelligence is because, when he was in the army, he took an aptitude test on which he scored 160. That was above normal, and people figured out that he was really smart just because of that. Throughout his life, Asimov had been registering scores like that, and people would think that he was really smart. The only reason he scored above average was because the aptitude test that he was taking was only testing him on the things that he already knew or he had knowledge about before. Therefore, I believe that an aptitude test can't determine if a person is smart or not because the test just tests people on writing and mathematics, which we have been taught ever since we were in kindergarten. .
             I believe that everybody can be smart if they just believe in themselves. For example, these couple of weeks, I have been going to the reading lab to do my basic reading skills and during the first and second week of my reading. I had scored below forty percent on my comprehension test just because the reading was too hard and my reading word per minute was too fast for me.

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