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Why Do People Want To Save Time?

             Why do some people take the time to prepare a meal for their family while others get take out every night of the week? Depending on the way you were raised, your preference, amount of time you think you have or maybe even your generation you will either decide to cook or get take out. Many factors can contribute how you spend your time. Wu explains that she didn't understand why her aunt baked, cleaned and gardened because she thought it was a waste of time. Her aunt tells her she will understand in time. Wu realized that her aunt's time was not wasted but gave her pride and satisfaction. Technology and other conveniences can control your life but you shouldn't let them. People look for shortcuts and timesavers in life. They think that by saving time, the will have something better to do. Is something really better than pride and seeing other's satisfied and happy? I always wondered why it was important to my mother that we have dinner as a family almost every night. Now I realize that she enjoy preparing meals for us. It didn't matter how much time or effort it took on her part, if she saw we enjoyed dinner and spent time together as a family, she was completely satisfied. Maybe my mother did try to save time in parts of her day but only so she could have more time at home with her family. Depending on "why" one wants to save time, technology does not have a negative effect on their lives.
             Time is an important factor in our lives. Technology and other conveniences, such as fast food, automatic teller machines, cell phones, and computers can save us time. But if you let them control your life, they will enable you to experience some of the simple pleasures of life. Using technology for everything may if fact save you time, but why do you constantly need to save time? Is there something better to spend your time on? For example, a college student may opt to do his research on the internet instead of the library to save time.

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