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Why Vote

            Why do people vote? Better yet, why DON'T people vote. Why does it seem like so many people in this world don't give a shit one way or the other about the things that go on in the world? If you do vote, I can probably give you reasons why you shouldn't.but it is really hard to get someone who doesn't vote reasons to vote. ROCK THE VOTE, what the hell is that shit!? That makes me not want to vote.considering MTV is owned by Viacom, which also owns Blockbuster and is headed by the Christian Coalition. Fuck Rock the Vote, encouraging stupid-easily lead-TV worshipping-can't hold a job in a fast food chain-college student who has just changed their major for the 9th time-type of people! I don't .
             want them voting! They're the same people who have 'Save the Earth bonfires'. They only know what they've been told.and by who? MTV. The people that do have a clue have probably never entered a ballot box, and what a tragedy that is. .
             Why do political parties still exist? Can't we just abolish .
             them? The two major parties "Democrats" and "Republicans" have a dominant control over the entire government, the only thing they do right is spend our money and accept contributions. Hire me, I'll spend your money and I'll clip coupons! I'll be Governor! I'll be President! But that won't happen, I don't exactly want the job, I'm too honest, who wants an honest person in office? Obviously nobody because the voters of America sure haven't voted one in. Of course at the same time, has an honest person even run for office? I look forward to upcoming elections to see who I don't want .
             to vote for, I will probably vote for one of those independent parties, the ones who like 'less government'. I figure if there is less government, the less will be spent on government, the less higher taxes need to be. About 30% of my paycheck goes to taxes, and I KNOW that's nothing in comparison to what some people have to pay. You know these people voted into their elected positions are such assholes.

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