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            There are a lot of various opinions on what the best method of achieving the country's goals should be. Supposedly, all U.S. citizens are intitled to their opinions and also are involved in the political decision making for our country. In the United States we have what we call a representative democracy. The representatives that we the citizens vote into office are suppose to help voice our opinions so we have say in the government. This system does not always work the way it should, but the government finds it to be more plausible and fair than any other option.
             Political participation is very important for a democratic nation like ours and without it the country would fall apart. Therefore, since we have such a striving nation political participation must be high in the United States. Political participation could be anything from voting to actually joining a political party. How stable is our democracy and exactly how much do people participate in our republic? Political participation has decreased in the last decade and analysts expect even more of a decline in the decade to come. The number of voters compared to the amount of the people that could vote in an election was horrible. Is this decrease in participation hurting the United States?.
             Although Americans seem as though they are excited to participate in political matters, they are inactive. First off, many citizens pretend they understand the political realm and are exactly uneducated in this field. The people, who do vote are voting just to vote. They are not voting on the issues. Others say they will vote and do not. Many people explain that they would vote, however, they feel their vote does not make a difference. Active political participants are few and far between in this country. Being politically active means fundraisers for political parties, lobbying for your interests, writing your local politician a letter, and obviously voting.

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