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The Breakfast Club

             Adolescence is a very confusing time for most people. You're not really sure who you are or where you place is in the world. The movie "The Breakfast Club" did a great job showing how adolescences behave during this uncertain time in their lives.
             John Bender who is also known as the criminal is the most aware of himself out of the five people in detention. Bender has unfortunately had a very rough child hood and has a terrible relationship with his father which makes his stage of adolescence that much harder. He is the smartest one in the group and he takes control of the situation from the very beginning. If it wasn't for the fact that Bender was some what aware of his own identity the five students may have never even spoken to each other. John Bender questions his other peers about things that make then a bit uncomfortable to make them question their own identity. So maybe they can all realize that they aren't so different from one another. For example he asks the princess about her sexual endeavors and which parent she likes better, he asks the brain about his virginity and his family life also. In some ways I think Bender questions others to keep the attention off him self as well as too get them to explore their own thoughts and feelings about things. But when the joke turns around and asks Bender about "What about your family" Bender replies "That's easy" and acts out a scene you would see if you went to his house. Bender shares the most intimate part of him self with us and then he regrets it about ten seconds later.
             We learn that Bender's home life is not the life of a "normal" adolescent. Bender's father in a drunk who abuses him which is want caused Bender to develop such a tough skin. John Bender has learned that the only way to survive in life is to not care about the rest of the world. This makes his adolescence twice as hard because not only does he have a problem relating to him father he can't even talk to his father if he wanted too because his dad is drunk most of the time.

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