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What is the self

             Before reading Csikszentmihalyi my understanding of the self revolved around personal identity and image. The understanding I have is that most people choose to represent themselves through their appetence. I came to this understanding through my own experience and through having conversations with others about what they think of themselves. The part that changed my understanding of the self the most was the "Evoking images of the Ideal Self" section and the introduction. .
             The idea of having goals that create different identities caught my attention right away even though he did not address the idea in depth. I was curious to read into the pursuit of goals and the importance of imagination. I always considered the imagination an important part of the self but I only thought of it as a creative tool. In order to have goals and attempt to plot out the future we have to imagine what we want and how to get it. Part of this new understanding was seeing how we have to use our imaginations to envision our goals. This brought up ideas of how our environment influences our ideas about self. Weather your aspirations are to be more successful than a family member or to achieve a personal goal it is likely that your goals were conceived through a drive established by others. I would like to capitalize on how one's environment and past contribute to building goals that can create a self.
             There are various parts of the essay that helped me come to a new understanding of the self. If I had to choose one section it would "Evoking images of the Ideal Self". This section starts to address how the image of self has been represented in the past. He questions how much information we can pull from early images to figure out how people in Egypt or Sumeria understood the self. This is where he introduces the idea of extrasomatic coding and how imagination plays a part in representing the self through goals.

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