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            I believe that government employees should be tested for illegal drugs. Legislatures are the people who vote on laws and regulations that we are expected to adhere to. Is it to be understood that they will do no wrong just because they are the ones that are putting these laws into place. I say no, that it would be easy for them to think that they can get away with things if that was how it is believed. I believe they should be tested for illegal drugs. They should also welcome this process with open arms. We, as the public, need to have reassurance that we are being represented in a responsible and sober manner. If they aren"t in a sound mind, then they making the choices that need to be chosen. These are supposed to be the representatives for the United States citizens and if the voters have enough confidence to elect these people to speak for the citizens, then the government employees should be willing to provide a urinalysis or blood sample for illegal drug testing. As far as drug testing for Military members, absolutely. I agree 100 percent that they should be tested. If they are using illegal drugs, then my first question is "Can they be trusted?" If they"re under the influence of illegal drugs, then they can be easily influenced to accept money or other valuables in return for secret information. Not to also mention, that when they have to go into battle, they need to ensure that they are able to perform any duties that are called upon them. I have zero-tolerance for illegal drug usage in the military. .

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