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Ethics should be mandatory in school

            Ethics should be mandatory in school .
             Purpose of school should not only be to educate an ethical human being: a person who does only live his life by facts and knowldge but, also by morals and ethics as well. Therefore ethics should be a mandatory topic taught in our school .
             We can't assume that there is universal morality and that man has an innate sense of what is right and wrong, especially not in today's day in age.
             If one does know for himself the difference between right and wrong, why does he choose the later? There is an obvious problem in that individual's conditioning, and this kink in the system has to be fixed at least for the future generations.
             There is no need to state the obvious, the alot of scoiety is unethical, and this is simply evil and breeds ignorance and hate. .
             case example of the latest development in the gang related warfare in T.O (Murder of Heavy D, and the entrie community knew what was goin on and said nothing.).
             This is just one of the most recent cases stating the obvious of all the Violence and injustice that man creates to himself. This unfortunately rings true from the bottom- up (including all the recent ethical issues of the government and large buisness corporations in the last little while) .
             There has been a structural change in the nature of the family in the last 50 or so years, and now a type of family, liek a single parent for example can even if it wanted to enforce ethics and morals. The only other place that a child can learn this, due to him having here alot of interaction with an adult, are schools. .
             There really is no lgoical why reasoning why ethics should not be taught in school. The government obviously plays the most crucial role here, a the mnistry should be putting more money into they system, especially for such an important issue. .
             What I can't seem to understand, is how the education system has convinced it's students, and parents alike, that ethics are not necessary in the early stages of a human's life.

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