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Human Cloning

            Is human cloning unconstitutional? To begin with, what exactly is human reproductive cloning and the delicate process involved. Cloning is the reproductive replication of each and every single cell involved from a volunteering host. The technology begins with the process of nuclear transplantation. This involves removing the nucleus of an egg cell and replacing it with the nucleus of a cell from an adult. Afterwards, the egg is then stimulated to begin dividing. Once it has divided several times to produce a pre-implantation embroy, it is then placed in the uterus where it can implant and form a fetus, hence reproductive cloning. The article that I have selected to do my research paper talks about the legal and moral implications of human reproductive and therapeutic cloning. It discusses the debates between congress, legal scholars, scientists, special interest groups and related professionals, on the proposed issue of banning, or allowing technological research on cloning to continue. Apparently, the House of Representatives has already completed and sent out a measure that bans human cloning for Senate for approval. Some legal scholars have already challenged the system and their views against banning this type of technology, but others clearly see a potential for its use in the medical field. Some of the relating issues involved here are, whether it is unconstitutional for legislation to completely ban the research on cloning, how this technological change creates a challenge to the courts and legal system, and the cloning laws already in effect at the state level.
             Is freedom of life a crime? Or the misuse of a powerful technology like cloning, too dangerous in the hands of a perpetrating nation? The battle between this bioethical nature, is being fought here within the United States. Policy makers are already making a federal issue out of human cloning. Their argument is simple; whether or not human cloning is unconstitutional.

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